A backed up toilet can be unpleasing and hard to cope with. It can destroy the ambience of the bathroom. A prompt action should be taken to bring remedy to this unhealthy situation. One thing is recognizing a blocked toilet and another is coming up with a remedy.

Two Signs That Your Pipeline Needs to Be Cleaned

How can you identify the need to clean your sewage pipeline? There are telltale signs that your toilet pipeline is not functional. A toilet pipeline is blocked if:

  1. Water takes longer time to get down the toilet
  2. Water does not go down the pipeline and gets to overflow from the bowl unto the floor of the bathroom

With these signs glaring at you, employing the services of a professional plumber is the measure you should take to clean the pipeline.

Causes of Toilet Pipeline Blockage

There are several factors that can contribute to a backed up toilet.

Over accumulation of toilet paper

When too much mass of tissue paper is used at a time, it could get stuck up along the pipeline causing clogging and blockage of the toilet’s pipeline. It can also mingle with the debris sitting at the pipeline to form a massive lump which can block the pipeline. A plunger can be used to rectify this situation but when it’s a severe situation, a plumber should be called to look at and solve the problem.

Tree roots intrusion

A tree that is situated within a pipeline can affect its functionality. Tree roots in search of water and any organic matter can make a beeline for the sewage pipeline. On its penetration into the pipeline it clogs it and eventually blocks passage of wastewater through it. This causes a backed up toilet. A professional plumber would locate the roots and cut them off to restore the functionality of the sewage pipeline.

Objects Flushing

The sewage pipeline is made to accommodate the passage of water, semi-solids and tissue paper through it. Children have this uncanny desire to watch their toys flushed down the toilet. A child’s playing equipment that is flushed down the toilet will get stuck midway down the sewage pipeline therefore causing a blockage. Professional plumbers will assist you to fix this. You should also talk to the kids to desist from repeating such act.

Pipe Cleaning Service

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