At Rapid Plumbing Rooter Services, we know that the plumbing industry doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to owning a home or business. First of all, the thought of plumbing alone isn’t very exciting. Second, it’s definitely not something that most people think about until there is an issue. And finally, it’s thought to be extremely expensive and inconvenient when an issue arises, especially an emergency fix.

While we don’t expect you to get excited about plumbing per se, we are happy to share that with proper maintenance, you won’t have to have that emergency fix that is deeply feared. In fact, proper cleaning and routine checks is the best way to save money, both now and later.

Save Your Pipes. Save Your Wallet

Yes, cleaning out your pipes doesn’t have to mean cleaning out your wallet, too. Rapid Plumbing Rooter Service provides our customers with options that will clean your pipes. This small but effective step has incentives that will last for years. And while a trip from the plumber is usually a reactive call, by being proactive, you can spare yourself a lot of stress and money, too.


One of our best, most convenient and most effective forms of drain and pipe cleaning is our hydro jetting solution. Yes, the use of water to clean your pipes. That sounds like a pretty lame solution. But this option is the most powerful technique. Hydro jetting uses the force of water pressure pushing out of a hose at speed of 4000 psi.

A specialized nozzle allows the water to hit the pipes at all angles, leaving no missed spots. With such forceful water pressure, it is tough enough to cut through anything in its path. Tree branches, build up, grime and blockages all get flushed down the pipes, cleaning the way for optimal waterflow.

Hydro jetting is a cost effective option for cleaning your pipes. But it also saves you money in a long-term effect as well. By having your pipes cleaned, you’re eliminating the chances of a blockage because you are cleaning the pipes of buildup, allowing both water and debris to pass through more smoothly without getting stuck. It also extends the life of the pipes. This is potentially a huge saving for you in the future.

Cleaner pipes help prevent corrosion and deterioration. This allows your pipes to work to their fullest potential now without cracks and leaks and it also spares you the stress of premature fixes needing to be done.

While we offer the traditional drain snaking method to clean blockages and open up pipes, it’s not the best solution for a full cleaning. We offer the hydro jetting as a way to allow you to get your pipes fully cleaned and get them into like-new condition.

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Rapid Plumbing Rooter Service is proud to service you and meet your needs with our various options. Don’t worry about breaking your pockets when it comes to our plumbing solutions. We’ll help you save money both now and later.