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At Rapid Plumbing, it is our job to take care of the plumbing, drain cleaning, hydro-jetting, and sewer lining of more than 77,000 residents in North Hollywood. We put together more than 20 years of service and the latest technology to provide the best quality any customer within the city deserves to receive in regards to any plumbing work.

To help our customers better understand what we do, here are more information about the services we provide:


We value the plumbing system of every household and building because we know it is one of the most important aspect of a good, functional place. If plumbing is poor, then people will not enjoy the place no matter how beautifully designed it is on the outside.

Our plumbing services involves understanding how the system of a residential or commercial property has been designed. This way, we can give our customers the advice they need according to their needs. Knowing how the plumbing system has been setup by its engineers will also help us navigate through the pipes and sewers with ease when working.

Drain Cleaning

Residential, commercial, and municipal properties are all prone to drain clogging. We understand this full well at Rapid Plumbing, which is why our services cover a wide range of anything that involves our customers’ sewers in the North Hollywood area.

A typical home would have at least three drains – the bathroom drain, the kitchen drain, and the outdoor drain. Homes with basements may have additional drains. Commercial buildings may have all three or four types of drains but will have more than one for each type as each unit often has its own bathroom, kitchen, and patio with a garden.

If our customers’ drains get clogged, they often do some home remedies like pouring hot water into the drain. This sometimes works but in the event it does not work, our best advice is to call an expert. We are ready to answer your call at Rapid Plumbing!

Sewer Lining

With the help of our trenchless technology, we can now repair and replace damaged sewer pipes without extensively having to hire heavy equipment like backhoes to excavate the property. Re-lining the sewer pipe with this new method means eliminating probable problems in the future and resolving the present issues without causing more damages.


Hydro-jetting is the process of cleaning the sewer pipes by inserting a tool called a hydro-jet powered by high water pressure. The water pressure breaks molds and particles that have built up over time inside the pipes, which may cause clogging of drains or more damages if not taken care of early.

These modern technologies and new methods of taking care of our customers’ plumbing needs may seem sophisticated but the prices are more affordable than the traditional services we all have used in the early years. Aside from these not causing extensive damages to properties and costing less, we also save time and work less than if we use the traditional methods.

At Rapid Plumbing, we hire only the best and we work up to the expectations of our customers. Call us for any drain cleaning needs you may have at home or at work. We are licensed service providers and certified to use the new technologies. Our certifications attest that we have the proper training and experience to operate our equipment and tools to accomplish our projects.

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