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As you walk around the Valley Village Neighborhood, you can admire many beautiful ranch-style homes. Pristine roofs, impeccable gardens, and shiny clean windows are everywhere you look. However, inside the pipes, things are very different. Drains and sewer lines are usually ignored and can be filling up with all sorts of debris, without the homeowner even knowing.

Pipes can easily get clogged if they are not taken care of. It is recommended to have them cleaned out at least once a year, but not many people follow this schedule. Every shower you take sends hair and soap scum into the drains, and hair can easily get tangled and trapped inside the pipes. The same goes for the kitchen, where the oils and grease you pour down the drain, once they reach the cold water inside the pipes, solidifies and sticks to the tube’s walls. This is a common obstruction and is known as a FOG clog (which stands for Fats, Oil, and Grease).

Even if you are careful enough to avoid sending oil down the drain, there are many other sources for a FOG clog. Salad dressings, butter or margarine, peanut butter, and even fatty food scraps can also cause it, and once it starts to build up inside the pipes, it will keep growing until it shuts down the water flow. The water will stop draining, or it can even back up into the sink.

Once you have a FOG clog, there is no other way to solve it than to hire a professional. You might be tempted to use one of those plumbing snakes they sell at Walmart, but please don’t. These snakes will just poke a hole into the clog, which will make the water flow again and make you think that it has been removed, but after a few days it will build up again, and you will have to repeat the process over and over.

If you need to have the plumbing system in your home cleaned out, you should schedule an appointment with us. At Rapid Plumbing, we have the proper tools required to provide the best drain cleaning in Valley Village, California. Our Hydro-jetting service will leave your pipes sparkling clean. It consists of using a special nozzle that blasts the clog with high-pressure water, at over 4,000 psi. This is strong enough to flush out any sludge and debris, and can even emulsify grease.

In Valley Village, due to the sweltering heat, tree roots are also clogging up sewer lines. As they search for water, they can penetrate the pipes through any tiny crack they find and grow inside them, acting as a net that traps whatever tries to pass through. Hydro Jetting is powerful enough to cut and get rid of these roots, allowing the wastewater to reach the city’s sewer main.

The next time you notice your sinks or showers draining slowly, give us a call and ask for a drain cleaning service. Even if things seem fine, clean out the drains at least once a year and forget about future clogs. No job is too big or too small for us, and 24 hours service is available in case of an emergency.

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