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Count on Rapid Plumbing for sewer repair in and around Van Nuys. When sewer lines get clogged or have more volume pouring into them than they can handle, back ups develop which can lead to flooding. In the case of flooding in Southern California that happened in January 2016, heavy rainfall was to blame. Drains could not handle the series of El Nino storms that passed through the area. Even though the drought-stricken area needed the rain, flooding created a different kind of problem.

There are several ways to avoid flooding in your home and yard from your sewer and drain system. All you need to do is watch for the signs of a potential clog. Some of the signs are obvious, such as odors coming from drains in your home and water pooling or slow draining from the sinks, shower or tub. One less obvious sign is a soft, wet area in your yard which also has a strong odor where the lateral pipe runs between your home and the municipal mainline.

Need a Sewer Repair Service?

Clogged pipes not only slow the movement of waste water away from your home, it can build pressure which may cause further damage to your underground pipes. If you have identified any of these symptoms, contact the plumbing professionals at Rapid Plumbing right away. We can send a crew to your home or business to conduct a visual inspection of what is going on from inside the pipe in question. What makes this an easy way to diagnose a problem is the way in which it is done.

We do this by inserting a tiny closed-circuit camera inside the pipe. We will have to dig a hole to get to the pipe connection, but it won’t be a large hole and we won’t be digging up your yard to get to the pipe. Once the camera is inserted, we can move it along the inside of the pipe to see what exactly is going on in the line. If the pipe has a clog we will try to dislodge it with the use of pressurized water or air. This usually breaks up organic material and restores the normal flow.

If your pipe requires any other kind of repair, we can fix it using one of many trenchless technology systems. Trenchless technology means we won’t dig and remove the pipe. It means we will repair it in place. It is not only better for the environment and leaves less damage in your yard, it is also less expensive which leaves more money in your wallet.

On top of that, many trenchless repairs can be done in a matter of hours and without disruption to your water or sewer service. For more information on sewer repair in the Van Nuys area call us today.

You can send us an email to schedule a site inspection from our team of professionals or you can just call us on the phone. The number to reach us at is 1-818-938-2799.

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